Mac-Crypto 2001 - Privacy Bookmarks

Country Specific


Australia - New South Wales, Information Privacy: Code of Practice
Australia's Legal Framework for Electronic Commerce


A Cryptography Policy Framework for Electronic Commerce
Industry Canada
Access to Information Act
An Act to extend the present laws of Canada that provide access to information under the control of the Government of Canada
Bill C-6: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (LS-344E)
Legislative Summary - Parliament of Canada
Canada's Cryptography Policy
Canadian - Links Related to Cryptography
CSA - Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information
CSA - The protection of personal information
Federal Govt. Public Key Infrastructure
Heenan Blaikie - Privacy Law & Access to information
Industry Canada- Cryptography/Cryptographie
Ontario - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act
Priv Com Canada - A Private Sector Privacy Law
Privacy and the Canadian Information Highway
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Privacy Legislation in Canada
Protecting Privacy in Canada: Evaluating Recent Solutions Proposed by and for the Private Sector
Report of the CAR Working Group on Confidentiality and Privacy


EU Personal Privacy Directive
RedIRIS - Paginas de PGP en la Comunidad RedIRIS
Standardization Issues and European Trust Services
Review of the current standards and specifications which exist or are being developed, which are relevant for the establishment of Europe-wide trusted services
The Swedish Personal Information Act


UK - Data Protecion (Govt)
UK - Data Protection Act 1998 CHAPTER 29
UK - data protection advice & guidance


E-commerce law, legislation information
a comprehensive summary of the most current legal initiatives regarding 1) electronic commerce and digital signatures
Food and Drug Administration, Draft Regulations on Electronic Signatures
Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
McBride Baker & Coles website
(One of the most comprehensive summaries of electronic commerce and digital signature legislation can be located at the Chicago law firm McBride Baker & Coles website )
McBride Baker & Coles | E-Commerce Spotlight | E-Health | Federal Initiatives
McBride Baker & Coles | Hippa - Security MEasures
McBride Baker & Coles | HIppa Summary
McBride Baker & Coles | In the News | New Developments
HIPAA Mandates Privacy and Security Regulations for Electronic Health Informatio
Safe Harbor
U.S. Department of Commerce -
Texas - Privacy Issues and E-Government


PGPsdk - PGP Software Developer Kit
With the PGP Software Development Kit (PGPsdk) from Network Associates, Inc
Crypto++ 4.1 - Free C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Schemes
Crypto++ is a free C++ class library of cryptographic schemes.
Cryptographic Libraries- A Comparison
OpenSSL - The Open Source Tool Kit
SSH Crypto Tools
The Cryptography Project

General Resources

6th CACR Information Security Workshop & 1st Annual Privacy & Security Workshop (slides for the talks)
Bert-Jaap Koops -Crypto Law Survey
CACR: 2000 Conferences
Centre For Applied Cryptographic Research: The University of Waterloo
Cyberlaw Encylopedia - Privacy : Legislation
International standards bodies
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Peter Gutman's Encryption and Security Tutorial
Privacy and Human Rights 2000, An International Survey of Privacy Laws and Developments
Privacy in the Global Economy
Privacy International - Country Reports
Ross Anderson's Home Page
Security Standards, Laws and Guidelines
Excellent resource, very comprehensive
Simone van der Hof's Digital Signature Law Survey
The Internet Engineering Task Force , Security area

Health Privacy

Flow of Patient Health Information
Flow of Patient Health Information Inside and Outside the Healthcare Industry
Health Privacy Project
HIPAA - Final Regulations
Implementing Secure Healthcare Telematics Applications in Europe
Medical Privacy News
Security / Medical Privacy : Risk Management Internet Services Library (
Security In Clinical Information Systems
Security In Clinical Information Systems by Dr. Ross J Anderson , University of Cambridge
USA - Medical Records Privacy
USA - Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information