IPSec for Macintosh: Tapping Experience

Our Panelists

John Callas, Counterpane
Developer of security, operating systems, and policy for DEC, Apple, PGP/NAI, and Counterpane.

Will Price, Director of Engineering for PGP Security
PGP Desktop Security 7.0 recently won the Macworld Editor's Choice award for 2000. Will has been working on PGP since the days before it was a company.

Michael Swan, President of Neon Software, Inc.
Established in 1989, Neon Software develops intelligent software tools. They have developed Mac OS VPN clients for AltaVista, Axent, Compatible Systems, Cisco, and Ashley-Laurent, including a pure IPSec client.

Rodney Thayer
A network security consultant specializing in PKI implementation issues. He has an extensive background in implementing IPsec.

Tom Weyer, Apple Computer
Informing the Macintosh developer community about network and security issues for many years.

IPSec for Macintosh: Tapping Experience, Eric Gundrum <http://www.macprogrammer.com/eric/>