What they said about

Macintosh Cryptography and Internet Commerce
Software Development Workshop

From: David Shayer, Sentient Software / Symantec  
Subject: Crypto Conference

I want to thank you for sponsoring the excellent Apple conference on Mac
Cryptography and Internet Commerce.  I had a great time, learned a lot of
valuble information, and met some interesting people.

I was especially impressed by two items:

- The discussion about taking parts of PowerTalk, especially the KeyChain,
Digital Signatures, and RC4 stream encryption, and making them available to
developers in future system software versions was exciting.  These
technologies would be very useful to me as a developer.

- The SubWoofer project, which allows any application to download files
over the internet via a single API call, looks great. I hope you ship it

Again, thanks for putting on a great conference, I hope there are more like it.

David Shayer

From: Anthony Templer, Atanda.com Subject: kudos to Vinnie I think Vinnie did a great job putting on the workshop last week, and I'd like to encourage all of you that haven't already done so to send e-mail to heidi@apple.com and anyone else at Apple that you deem appropriate and let them know your positive reactions, etc.. Please forward this to other attendees or otherwise encourage them to provide similar feedback to Apple... Namaste, Anthony
From: John Brisbin, Nakasuji Subject: Mac Crypto and Internet Commerce I am writing to express my appreciation for your support of the Mac Crypto and Internet Commerce Workshop organized by Vinnie Moscaritolo and held on the Apple campus last week. I see this kind of technology support effort as a prototype for the development of new technologies in an era when Apple recognizes that it cannot do it all. Instead, Apple needs to serve as a facilitator for developer efforts to bring new technology to the Macintosh platform. The workshop provided several examples of this: First, by bringing third party developers together with each other and with Apple engineers on neutral ground, Apple has promoted the cooperation between developers that can engender new defacto Mac standards in this important technology area. Second, with prospective tools like the Random Number Manager made available to developers, Apple leverages a small development effort into a significant boon for developers. This is true because random number generation is crucial to secure communication and electronic commerce, but is extremely difficult to implement with sufficient rigor to both assure sufficient randomness and convince users and analysts of the security of the algorithm. Third, the attendance was primarily by self-selection. For new technologies, carefully constructed lists of invitees are less effective than simply a willingness to travel and spend the time in determining who should attend. When there is no track record of previous development to base choices on, the traditional 'kitchen' route of selecting developers is ineffective, at best. Again, I commend the model of the Mac Crypto Workshop as a cost effective means of encouraging rapid advancement of the Macintosh platform in areas of new technology. John Brisbin
From: kee nethery, Kagi Subject: MacCrypto Conference Heidi, I'd like to thank everyone from Apple who helped make the macCrypto conference happen. For me it was time well spent and right now I do not have lots of free time for conferences. Garry, I'd like to encourage you to get as much of the RSA code into the MacOS as is possible. Apple paid tons of bucks to license the RSA code and right now, every Mac developer who wants to use that code must also pay RSA licensing fees. Without spending many additional bucks, you could save developers a ton of bucks by including that code in the system. As you know I process shareware fees and I do so through a Register program that "scrambles" the credit card number. I've talked to RSA and to Cylink to license public key cryptography. RSA would charge me per transaction almost half of what I earn per transaction. Not affordable. Cylink has a flat fee but frankly I cannot afford $70,000 for that technology. But if it was part of the OS, I could have the register program use that code if it was installed. I am not the only company that could benefit from public key technology in the system. I imagine that someone with imagination could figure out a way to make it so that each Mac developer in the world doesn't have to spend the same cash that Apple spent. Vinnie, Thanks! Kee Nethery Kagi
From: Marc Briceno, Digicash Subject: Thanks for the great workshop Heidi, I would like to thank Apple for the great Ecommerce/Crypto workshop that Vinnie Moscaritolo hosted last week. It provided a unique opportunity to get Apple, the developers, and high level users to communicate with each other. We discovered what is being done by the various parties, identified each other's needs and concerns, and found solutions to them. Please inform me of any such future events,
From: Heidi Roizen, Apple Computer Subject: Re: Fwd: Mac Crypto Conf - Debri Dear Vinnie, all I can say is, if all events were this well-designed, this attuned to developers, and this tightly (and cheaply) orchestrated, well, maybe I'd be out of a job! ;-) (yeah, go ahead and try!!!) Thanks and congratulations on a fabulous effort. The email I've gotten in response has been overwhelming. In fact, I'm going to quote my favorite one here, from a fan of yours to whom I've previously remarked about his incredible ability to write long emails with very short summaries. His recent long email about you was topped with the following: Here's another short summary for you: ----------- Summary --------------------- Vinnie Moscaritolo is doing a great job for Apple. ----------- End Summary --------------------- Thank you ! -- Heidi