Macintosh Cryptography and Internet Commerce
Software Development Workshop

Was held on September 5 & 6, 1996
at DeAnza 3 Auditorium, Apple R&D Campus

Yow! - We did it....

On Sept 5th & 6th, here on the Cupertino R&D Campus, Robert Hettinga from Shipwright and I ran "The First-Ever-Last-Minute-Under-the-Radar-Ask-Forgiveness-but-Not-Permission Macintosh Cryptography and Internet Commerce Software Development Workshop"

This workshop was driven by the copious feedback that I have recieved from developers from both DTS and personal emails, WWDC and MacHack and the Mac-Crypto mailing list.

Since the ability to perform Internet Commerce depends heavly on both networking and cryptographic technologies. I started the Mac-Crypto mailing list last March to discuss the implementation of cryptography on the MacOS.

We had three major goals for this event:



I posted an invite webpage at and advertised on several mailing lists, within 10 days I had 84 registrations, about 70 of which showed. Some attendees actually traveled from as far as Scotland.

The sessions were a real sucess. There was a lot of enthusiasm from the developers. The speakers were great. I received comments that the developers found the workshop was very accessible; there was a lot of interaction between the audience and speakers. We allocated plenty of time for Q&A and discussions. They wished that WWDC was more like this.

Some of the highlights were:

Luckily Bob and I also worked the video room in between giving our sessions and introductions and were able to tape most of the sessions. I am working on making them available.

Photo's from the Workshop

What they had to say.


I want very much to thank the individuals that made this workshop possible.

Vinnie Moscaritolo

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