The Membership of the Mac-Crypto List invites you to

The Third Annual
Macintosh Cryptography
and Internet Commerce
Software Development Workshop

October 6 - 9th, 1998

Town Hall Auditorium
Apple R&D Campus
4 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA, USA

We are once again hosting our annual workshop,  where you are sure to 
find the latest and greatest information about whats going on in the 
Macintosh cryptography world. 
A lot has happened in the past year in the world of the Internet 
and Cryptography, so this year, thanks to popular demand we have 
allocated more time and a larger hall for developers to talk about
what they are working on. 

 As requested we scheduled lots of time for developer demos and
open discussions plus the much asked for and a PGP Keysigning party ...
and plenty of time for developers to network with each other and 
We have also left time open for a few last-minute speakers. If you
would like to present a paper or give a talk, please contact
Vinnie Moscaritolo at 

Preliminary Session Schedule

Tutorials and Overviews
Mac OS Developer Info
Technical Discussion
Product Demo
The conference will start at 10:00 AM and run to about 4:30 PM each day. Experience has proved that we need to have a bit of slack time in the talks. but I expect them to run about 50 minutes each.

Although the talks are broken up into 4 catagories (as described on the left) the product demos will be fairly technical.

Tuesday 10/6
KeyNote: State of the Crypto World

Jon Callas, Chief Technology Officer
Total Network Security Division, Network Associates, Inc.

Slides are available.

Introduction to Crypto Systems

Vinnie Moscaritolo
WorldWide DTS, Apple Computer Inc.

An introduction to the workings of modern cryptosystems, covering such topics as: secret/public key encyption, digital sigs, PGP, key exchanges, key management, e-commerce, and government & patent issues.

Slides are available.

Export Controls & Crypto Software

Greg Broiles, General Counsel & VP of Operations
C2Net Software, Inc

An overview of new and proposed US and foreign regulations relating to the use and import/export of cryptographic software, including restrictions on mass-market and intangible software, and technical assistance related to software development.

Greg Broiles is General Counsel and Vice President of Operations at C2Net Software, Inc., an Oakland, CA-based software company which utilizes a foreign development strategy to enable it to sell its strong-crypto Internet software virtually worldwide. He holds a BA in Sociocybernetics from the Johnston Center University of Redlands and a JD from the University of Oregon School of Law.

Security without Human Intervention

Anthony Templer & Eric Gundrum

How can one secure the data on a server against a physical attack? How can the server authenticate access to the data without any human intervention and still provide reasonable security? This presentation surveys what technologies are available today to address these problems. We present the technologies relative strengths and weaknesses, and what one must do to put the technologies into place in a working environment.

RC5 cracking effort on the Macintosh

Kevyn Shortell
WorldWide DTS, Apple Computer Inc.

Web of Trust Viewer

Roderick L. Mann
Apple Computer Inc

Web of Trust is an application for viewing the web of trust of PGP keys. It presents a window into which you can drop keys from your PGP keyring. It will then attempt to arrange the keys in a fashion that allows you to easily view signers and signees.

More info available at

Wednesday 10/7
Apple Security Architecture Overview.

Aram Perez. Data Security Architect
Applied Security, Apple Computer Inc

info available at

Apple Keychain / URL access Toolkit.

Sari Harrison,
Applied Security, Apple Computer Inc

AppleShare Authentication Architecture .

Leland Wallace
AppleShare Engineering, Apple Computer Inc.

Slides are available.

PGPUAM - Public Key Authentication for AppleShare IP

Vinnie Moscaritolo
WorldWide DTS, Apple Computer Inc.

AppleShare IP has introduced a developer accessable programable User Access Method API. The PGPUAM is a pair of plug-ins that allow a user to perform two way authenticated logins to an AppleShare IP server from a Mac OS client. The PGPUAM leverages the PGPsdk. The best news is that this is DTS sample code and the sources will be available.

Slides are available

The AltiVec PowerPC Architecture

Ali Sazegari,
Apple Computer Inc

Motorola's AltiVec Technology, embodied in the G4 processor, expands the current PowerPC architecture through addition of a 128-bit vector execution unit, which operates concurrently with existing integer and floating-point units. This provides for highly parallel operations, allowing for simultaneous execution of up to 16 operations in a single clock cycle.

This new approach expands the processor's capabilities to concurrently address high-bandwidth data processing and the algorithmic intensive computations such as found in many cryptographic operations. The AltiVec instruction set allows operation on multiple bits within the 128-bit wide registers. This combination of new instructions, operation in parallel on multiple bits, and wider registers, provide speed enhancements of up to 30x on operations that are common in media processing.

Slides are available.
More info is available on the Apple Developer Website

Implementing VPN Clients on the MacOS

Michael Swan, Chief Engineer
Neon Software, Inc.

Neon Software has recently completed two Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients which run under Open Transport and the MacOS. This presentation will be a brief introduction to VPN concepts and Open Transport STREAMS architecture, then move on to how authorization and encryption of network data occur within our Open Transport extensions. The presentation will include a demo of one of the two clients, Compatible Systems IntraPort and a quick look at the user interface of the other, the AltaVista Tunnel '98 client.

Thursday 10/8
Overview of SSL toolkits on the Mac.

Steve Burnett, Katherine Stolz, Elio Maldonado, David Rudder
RSA Data Security, Inc

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) SSL (soon to be updated under the name TLS) has become the most widely used cryptographic protocol on the Web. This presentation will provide an introduction to the architecture, implementation, and SSL tools available for the Macintosh, in both Java and C implementations.

The Java Powered iButton and the Mac OS.

Patrick C. Beard, Java Engineer
Netscape Communications, Inc.

Patrick will present an overview of the Dallas Semiconductor iButton, A computer chip housed in a stainless steel can that can be used for storage of cryptographic keys. This presonation will cover: Hardware Specs (Memory, CPU, Realtime clock, Crypto Support) as well as Software (Personal Java), Implementation issue, Serial Communications, JiBKit, and Applications such as Simple Keychain Access and Storing the Keychain.

OpenPGP & the IETF standards process

Jon Callas, Chief Technology Officer
Total Network Security Division, Network Associates, Inc.

Slides are available.

PGP 6.0, PGPDisk and the PGPsdk

Will Price, Architect/Sr. Mgr., PGP Client Products
Total Network Security Division, Network Associates, Inc.

We are very excited to have Will Price back again at Mac Crypto. This year Will plans to talk about the the latest generation of integrated PGP 6.0 software and many new opportunities exist for developers using the PGP Software Developer Kit.

Slides are available.

PGPticket - A Secure Authorization Protocol

Vinnie Moscaritolo
WorldWide DTS, Apple Computer Inc.

The control of user access through secret passwords and centralized authentication databases dates back to early timeshare systems. However, this strategy is no longer scaleable or secure enough for today's highly distributed, Internet based services.

This talk will discusses the limitations of traditional user authentication and authorization methods and offers a single sign-on alternative using strong-cryptography and the same PGP key infrastructure that is widely deployed on the Internet today. PGPticket, a lightweight but very secure authorization protocol based on the SPKI and OpenPGP standards is designed to control access of services over a public network. PGPticket grants and transfers user access privileges through authorization certificates signed with strong public key cryptography.

Slides and an internet draft are available.

The Seduction of the One Time Pad.

Jon Callas, Chief Technology Officer
Total Network Security Division, Network Associates, Inc.

Slides are available.

PGP KeySigning party (Dinner).

Folks who want to participate in the keysigning must email their keys to by 12:00 thurs, Oct 8.

Details are available at

Friday 10/9
Managing Digital Trust:
Trust Models, Data Structures, Protocols, and Recent Developements

Matthew S. Hamrick, Cryptologic Engineer
Uptronics Incorporated

Digital Trust mechanisms have been around for several years, but we have only recently seen a major push to sandardize the data formats and protocols for managing digital credentials. This talk reviews trust models and cryptography; describes the historical development of hierarchical trust model implementations (X.509); and describes recent efforts by the IETF to standardize access protocols and certification profiles through the PKIX working group.

SmartPass: VPN for the Macintosh

Peter Lovell, Principal Software Engineer
V-ONE Corporation

SmartPass is the client piece of SmartGATE that enables end-users to connect to a SmartGate VPN.

Slides are available.


Dave Del Torto
Zero-Knowledge Systems Inc.

FREEDOM, a Macintosh application that allows for anonymous IP connections as well as complete use of multiple digital pseudonyms.

Slides are available.

Anonymous Communications and the Macintosh

Marshall Clow
Adobe Systems

Marshall will talk about anonymous remailers, and will demonstrate software to make it easy to use the remailer network.

TCP/Secure: A Remote VPN for the Macintosh

Stacey Lun
infoExpress, Inc

Stacey will discuss the design of InfoExpress's remote VPN software, VTCP/Secure, and its security model. The presentation will also cover some of the tradeoffs between layer 3 and layer 4 VPNs and includes a demonstration of the VTCP/Secure client.

Slides are available.


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