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Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 21:58:09 +0530 (IST)
From: Varun Aggarwal <varun@iitg.ernet.in>
To: rah@shipwright.com
Subject: Application for Summer Internship

Dear sir,

     I  am a pre-final  year undergraduate  student doing  Bachelor of
Technology  in  Electronics and  Communication  Engineering at  Indian
Institute of  Technology(IIT),Guwahati, one of  the premier institutes
for  Engineering and Applied  Sciences in  India. I  am looking  for a
challenging  opportunity  for  summer   internship  in  the  field  of
      1. Applied  Cryptography.
      2. Computer  Networks (security).
      3. VLSI Design.
for the period of May-July 2004 and  I am very keen to pursue the same
under your able guidance.

To consolidate  my knowledge in  my fields of  interest I have  done a
project in the field of VLSI design and Cryptography at Microprocessor
and Software  Group (MPSG) in  HCL Technologies Limited, India(details
in CV).The details of my other work experience are given in my CV.

I  have gone through your research  activities given on your homepage.
I would be very fortunate to  have  an  opportunity of  working  under
distinguished researcher such as you. Hence, I request you to consider
me for  training under your expert  guidance, for a suitable available
project in the above fields.

I  am fully  aware of  the  commitment and  perseverance required  for
internship and  believe that my  aptitude and motivation will  help me
successfully  face the challenge.  To give  you a  better sense  of my
qualifications I  am sending my  Curriculum Vitae, which  follows this
letter. Thanking you in anticipation.

Varun Aggarwal

                        CURRICULUM VITAE
Name:                   Varun Aggarwal
Present Institution:    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),
Degree Pursuing:        Bachelor of Technology(4 years)
Educational Status:     3rd Year(6th Semester), B.Tech Degree
                        Major in Electronics and Communication
                        Engineering, from IIT Guwahati.
Sex:                    Male
Nationality:            Indian
Mailing Address:        Room No.045, Hostel Kapili,
                        IIT Guwahati, Guwahati-781039
                        Assam, India.

E-mail address:         varun@iitg.ernet.in


College: Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Guwahati
2001-till date: B.Tech, Electronics & Communication Engineering

        *Currently in 3rd Year (6th Semester)


School:         Kendriya Vidayala,Shalimar Bagh,New Delhi
                (Matriculation & Intermediate)
  Year                 Board Examination        Percentag
  1999               CBSE(Matricualtion)         97.5%(sci,math)
  2001                CBSE(Intermediate)          87.5%(phy,chem,math)




     - The RSA accelerator is to  generate C = M exp e (mod n) for
       encryption and M = C exp d (mod n) for decryption.
     - Used in RSA Cryptography Standard (PKCS#1 v2.1).
     - Decryption done in  two ways :
        1.CRT (Chinese RemainderTheorem).
        2.Normal method of M = C exp d (mod n).

   Performance Requirements
     - The RSA Accelerator (1024  bits) should function properly
       at least at 20 megahertz.
     - Encryption/Decryption time for 1024 bit N should be 300ms.
     - Decryption time using CRT is 100 ms.

Designation:    Project  trainee
Duration:       May - July 2003.

Project Leader: Mr.Rahul  Gupta,
                HCL Technologies

Project Manager: Mr.Arvind Kumar
                 HCL Technologies



1. Implementation of AM, FM transmitter/receiver models.
   Guide- Prof. Dr.R.Bhattacharjee

2. DPSK receiver & transmitter.
   Guide- Prof.Dr.A.K.Gogoi

3. An arbitrary waveform generator using a RAM chip.
   Guide- Prof. H.Nemade

4. A Logic Probe for testing digital circuits.
   Guide- Prof. H.Nemade

5. Telemetry Systems:- V/I , I/V  , F/V , V/F converters were used in
   a system with more than 1 receivers.
   Guide - Prof. H.Nemade

6. Automobile head  on  collision  protection system  using  infrared
   Guide: Self initiated project

7. Implementation  of regulated  DC  power supply  with short  circuit
   protection. Guide - Prof. H.Nemade

8. Implementation of PLL-phase locked loop.
   Guide - Prof. H.Nemade

9. Implementation  of  AGC-Automatic  Gain  Control device.
   Guide- Prof. H.Nemade


1. MATLAB  GUI based  simulations of  various modulation  schemes like
   SSBSC,DSBSC and frequency modulation. The project analyses time domain
   andfrequency   domain   response   to  various   parameters.
   Guide- Prof. Dr.R.Bhattacharjee

2. MATLAB SIMULINK  based simulation of  DSBSC and SSBSC  (weavers and
   phase shift method) modulation and demodulation of self recorded voice
   samples. Guide- Prof. Dr.R.Bhattacharjee

3. MATLAB based  graphical solution  for potential calculation  for an
   arbitrary closed figure with  given boundary potential values.
   Guide- Prof. Dr.R.Bhattacharjee

4. Coded a  Text Editor and  a GUI simulation of  mobile communication
   system  in JAVA as  part of  my data  structures course.
   Guide- Prof Dr.R.K.Ghosh


Programming Skills:    C, C++, Java, 80x86 and 80x85 Assembly Language,
                       Visual Basic,VisualDSP.

Operating Systems:     Windows 9x/2000/XP, Linux(Debian,Redhat),

Simulation Software:   Matlab, CircuitMaker, Spice, Xilinx,
                       Workbench, Visual DSP, ModelSIM.

        --Secured All India Rank-1032 out of over 140,000 students taking
          the Joint Entrance Exam for Admission to 6 IITs.
        --Secured rank in top 10 slots in National Maths Olympiad.
        --Hold the post of School Vice-Captain.
        --Qulified for state level Kedriya Vidyala Maths olympiad.

      --Have participated in many plays at school and college level.
      --Have keen interest in fine arts and have won a lot of prizes
        in that.
      --Participated in two months Tennis Camp at State Level.
      --Incharge of Control Desk in Techniche-2002, IIT-Guwahati's
        technical festival.
      --Member, Control Desk & Security in Alcheringa-2002,
        IIT-Guwahati's cultural festival.
      --Member, Core Organising Committee of Alcheringa-2003,
        IIT-Guwahati's cultural festival.
      --Head, Publicity Committee in Alcheringa-2004,
        IIT-Guwahati's cultural festival.
      --memeber, Infrastructure Committee in Techniche-2004,
        IIT-Guwahati's technical festival
      --member,Security and Infrastructure Committee Alcheringa-2004
        IIT Guwahati's cultural festival.

1) Prof. A.K.Gogoi (Head of Department)
   ECE dept, IIT Guwahati
   Email id: akg@iitg.ernet.in

2) Prof. H.Nemade
   Assistant Prof.
   ECE dept, IIT Guwahati
   Email id: harshal@iitg.ernet.in

3) Mr. Arvind Kumar
   Project Manager
   HCL Technologies
   Email id: arvindk@noida.hcltech.com

4) Mr. Rahul Gupta
   Project Leader
   HCL Technologies
   Email id: rgupta@noida.hcltech.com

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