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CRYPTOCard's CRYPTO-Server X Follows Up Macworld 2004 Best of Show Award By
Wowing Renowned Apple Security Expert

Ottawa, Ontario, March 1, 2004  CRYPTOCard's
(<http://www.cryptocard.com/>www.cryptocard.com) Best of Show award winner
at Macworld 2004, CRYPTO-Server X, the first authentication solution for
the Mac, has received high praise from the former leader of Apple's IT
Security Department, and one of the foremost experts in Macintosh forensic
analysis, Derrick Donnelly, CTO, BlackBag Technologies, for making it
simple to positively authenticate remote Mac users attempting to access a
system via a Secure Socket Shell (SSH) connection.  SSH, an internet
protocol that increases remote security by encrypting passwords and
authenticating both ends of the client/server connection using a digital
certificate, effectively eliminates eavesdropping, connection hijacking,
and other network-level attacks.

A frequent instructor for the FBI Computer Analysis and Response Team
(CART), Donnelly was formerly leader of the IT Security Department at Apple
Computer, where he architected and deployed secure computer/network
solutions, and oversaw all technical investigations and forensic analysis 
playing a key role in securely implementing iTunes, .Mac, and the Apple
online stores.  Before joining Apple, Donnelly developed and taught the
first course dedicated to Macintosh forensics at the Canadian Police
College; served as a federal law enforcement officer for Industry Canada's
Competition Bureau; worked with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and many
other international, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies;
and participated in the first working groups on computer forensic training
and cross border search and seizures at the U.S. Department of Justice.

            Although passwords are still the most widely-used
authentication mechanism in Mac OS X, they are also the weakest link in the
security chain, said Derrick Donnelly, CTO, BlackBag Technologies.
CRYPTO-Server X takes today's increasingly-complicated passwords away from
the people, eliminating the need for the user to memorize credentials, and
making strong password authentication as easy as iPhoto or iTunes, Donnelly
continued.  Additionally, CRYPTOCard has been able to fix the SSH
connection for Mac users to further enhance remote access security 
something that no other token vendor has managed to do!

Designed specifically for Mac OS X version 10.3 Panther, CRYPTO-Server X
utilizes the familiar ATM-style protocol to make it simple to positively
authenticate all Mac users attempting to access a VPN or Web-based system
by coupling something in the user's possession (a multi-function smart
card, hardware token, or software token), with something they know (their
PIN).  CRYPTO-Server X generates a one-time password for every log-on
attempt, making stolen credentials useless to hackers while simultaneously
eliminating the need for users to memorize complicated credentials 
significantly reducing help-desk costs associated with resetting forgotten
passwords, and the obvious security risk associated with users writing down
their credentials.

CRYPTO-Server X also makes it easy for organizations to create a
token-deployment database by simply importing existing company directories,
while its CRYPTO-Deploy component makes it equally simple for
administrators to instantly distribute software tokens from any computer,
to any user, in any location.

            Hot on the heels of CRYPTO-Server X's Best of Show award at
Macworld, it is obviously very gratifying to receive such a glowing
endorsement from one of the most recognizable names in Mac security, said
Malcolm MacTaggart, President & CEO, CRYPTOCard Corporation.

About CRYPTOCard Corporation

Established in 1989, CRYPTOCard provides cost-effective Secure Password
Technology to leading enterprises worldwide in the government, technology,
aerospace, financial, telecommunications, and healthcare sectors.
CRYPTOCard positively authenticates a user's identity by coupling something
in the user's possession (a smart card, hardware token, or software token),
with something the user knows (their PIN), and provides centralized
authentication for all physical and network access regardless of network
infrastructure or user location.  CRYPTOCard's partners include Apple
(Nasdaq: AAPL), Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO), Check Point
(Nasdaq: CHKP), Citrix (Nasdaq: CTXS), Entrust (Nasdaq: ENTU), Oracle
(Nasdaq: ORCL), Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW), and Macromedia (Nasdaq:
MACR).  For additional information on CRYPTOCard, please visit

About BlackBag Technologies

BlackBag Technologies is a Silicon Valley based company providing
innovative hardware and software tools to the law enforcement and private
sector forensic communities.  The company acknowledges the growing
challenges faced by forensic examiners in the field and is dedicated to
creating flexible, open environment solutions.  BlackBag believes that the
most prepared examiner is the one able to work in changing technological
environments using diverse and flexible systems.  BlackBag serves a wide
range of clients including federal, state and local law enforcement
agencies as well as leading private sector forensic professionals.  For
additional information on BlackBag, please visit


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