[Mac_crypto] iTunes 4.5: "24 hours after I downloaded it... I've broken it"

R. A. Hettinga mac_crypto@vmeng.com
Thu, 29 Apr 2004 13:49:54 -0400


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Welcome to my iTunes stuff website, here you will find  various things
relating to iTunes hacking that I have written.

 Last updated:April 29, 2004

 iTunes 4.5: iTunes 4.5 uses a new authentication algorithm. However, not
even  24 hours after I downloaded it, and that includes a little sleep and
lots of uni time,  I've broken it. Hah. Anyhow, libopendaap 0.2.0 and
tunesbrowser 0.1.4 are now available.

 <crazney> brb have to shut chooks in.
 <Fryboy> "I have just deconstructed the encryption protocol designed by
Apple's finest enginee..ah fuck the chicken has escaped"

 Pages here:

	* 	libopendaap:  A library for connecting to iTunes shares and
streaming audio files.
	* 	 tunesbrowser:  An application, built on top of libopendaap in
GTK  for browsing and playing the songs in various  iTunes shares.
	* 	 authentication:  A page describing the authentication procedure
used  by the latest iTunes programs in order to lock out  third party
	* 	 iTunes Music Store authentication:  A page describing the
authentication packets used by  the iTMS. This complements Jason Rohrers
iTMS-4-ALL project.

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