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Shareware Authors: Kagi announces integrated anti-piracy licensing for
your software ... deliver the license with the sale.

2004-Apr-22, Kagi announces the integration of LicenseControl from Derman
Enterprises Inc. (DEI) into its popular e-store.  With the integration of
DEI's Licensing Services, we now can deliver anti-piracy
product-activation licenses with the sale of your software ... so you can
earn the revenue you deserve.

If you sell software without licensing or with license codes that can be
"shared" across systems and with others, this capability is for you!

DEI's Licensing Service with LicenseControl leaves compliant users in
control of their software, their system and their privacy ... and yet,
meets your needs for "pretty good piracy protection!"

Visit http://www2.kagi.com/suppliers/DEILicensingFeatures.html to learn
more or take a tour via

Kee Nethery, Kagi (http://www.kagi.com/)
Bryan Derman, Derman Enterprises (http://www.derman.com/)

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Additional information, for your convenience:
software license product activation anti-piracy shareware e-store

Licensing Services Info Page URL:

LicenseControl Icon URL:
(128w X 154h pixels @ 72 DPI & approx. 8 KB)

Screenshot URLs:
(764w X 540h pixels @ 72 DPI & approx. 40 KB)
(533w X 377h pixels @ 72 DPI & approx. 40 KB)


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