[Mac_crypto] Invitation - "Hacktivista" Documentary

Robert Guerra mac_crypto@vmeng.com
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 17:33:01 -0400

Your are cordially invited to attend the screening of "Hactivista" at 
the upcoming  2004 Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference.

Date:  Thursday April 22
Time: 10:00 - midnight
Location: Sonoma Room, 2d Floor , Claremont Resort and Spa, Berkeley CA.

Details: Screening: "Hacktivista" Documentary

"Hacktivista" is the story of three University of Toronto students 
who travel with their professor to Guatemala and Chiapas to work with 
human rights organizations and activists on Internet security and 
connectivity. The students call themselves "hacktivists" -- a new 
breed of social activists who use technology to fight for privacy and 
freedom of speech. See http://www.citizenlab.org/hacktivista/ for 
more info.

Presenter: Robert Guerra, consultant to & translator for the 
documentary, will introduce the documentary & answer questions after 
the screening

For further details, contact:

Robert Guerra
Managing Director, Privaterra
email: rguerra@privaterra.org
Telephone: +1 (416) 893-0377