[Mac_crypto] interesting piece of spam

Vinnie Moscaritolo mac_crypto@vmeng.com
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 07:52:00 -0700

It just surprises me that they got it wrong.. I haven't try to 
analyze the sig yet to se
what key it points to.. but just wondering if it was a silly attempt 
to get by spam abatement

At 6:21 AM +0200 6/30/03, Sander Tekelenburg wrote:
>At 14:14 -0700 UTC, on 6/29/03, Vinnie Moscaritolo wrote:
>>  notice the end has a PGPsig, the the beginning doesnt have a header..
>For me, out of last week's spam total of 456, 10 have a fake PGP sig like
>that. The only similarity between them that I can see is this fake PGP sig.
>Perhaps there's some new spam tool that add sfake PGP sigs.


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