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Subject: New Security-Announce List
From: Kevin Van Vechten <kevin@opendarwin.org>
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I'm pleased to announce the creation of the Security-Announce mailing 
list <security-announce@opendarwin.org>.  This list will publish 
security advisories and announcements regarding software distributed as 
part of OpenDarwin and by projects hosted on OpenDarwin.org.

The list is moderated by Felix Kronlage <fkr@opendarwin.org> who has 
volunteered for the position of OpenDarwin Security Coordinator.  
Thanks Felix!

To sign up for the Security-Announce mailing list, please visit:

The Security-Announce list is not a forum for discussion.  The 
<discuss@opendarwin.org> list may be used for discussion of security 
policy, and the <hackers@opendarwin.org> list for discussion of 
technical security questions.  You may send specific security concerns 
to <security@opendarwin.org>.

Kevin Van Vechten
OpenDarwin Core Team

Announce mailing list

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