Crypto Services in Rhapsody Feedback from 1997 Mac Crypto - Conference

The following is an outline of some of the items discussed, in order. KeyChain Mgr/API - a mechanism for keeping track of all the passwords for the servers, and web sites that user has signed up or have accounts for. - system-wide keychain API to manage a secure persistent key database. - Single login for Email, AppleShare, FTP, Http or File passwords. - A pluggable back end to process keys from files, PGP, key servers or smart cards. - Not every entry needs to be locked. - Applications that call the keychain should be able to store private data into the keychain, that no other application can access. ie prevent a virus from reading all your passwords - Physical security is up to the user. - Vinnie has started work and will make a prelim API available. - Distribute with Internet Config Standard Password Dialog Box Library - similar to StandardGetFile / CustomGetFile - Does Bullets or random blank input - Hide/Show text. - Can be DTS sample code. Digital Signatures - API be part of OS again. - PGP has done a lot of work in this area - Concensus has ability to process Verisign keys. - Lack of this technology hinders any commerce applications - Developers want Apple to sign all code distributed over the net. - Third parties should be able to sign and verify also. - Signing increases the barrier to entry for a virus - Microsoft is doing this already this with ActiveX and Verisign. - would be nice if audit trails could tell you who made the change to a specific file, Nat Security center, need to find audit trails to get a security rating. Power On/ Wakeup Passwords - Desktop version of the PowerBook password would be a good starting point. - Sandia, Motorala and Los Alamos account for > 30,000 machines - require Admin paswrd - remote Admin capability. - Should tie in to the network security scheme. Smart Cards - Evangelism and DTS has received several request from developers and customers for SmartCard support in the MacOS. - Microsoft is supporting a smart card reading keyboard. - SystemSoft among others wants to develop system. - PCI and PC-Card adapters. Decentralized Trust Management - The ability to sign a meta cert, to say you can log in to my system and read/write files from this directory. - A cert could include Date expiration. Global revocation. - Server is the only thing that needs to remember the revocation. - This is so much better than setting up user accounts. - Extend user authentication so it can come from a smart card. - Apple could use the PolicyMaker model for mgmt of server logins. - Very powerful model. - for more info read: "Decentralized Trust Management" by Matt Blaze, at IPsec S/WAN and Network Crypto - STREAMS would have been a great implementation vehicle - Unclear how this will happen now that Rhapsody dropped OT. - IPsec is vital for telecommunters and remote access over internet. - Apple clearly dropped the ball here. Crypto API - Microsoft's CryptoAPI is a bad model. - Shawn Abbott from Rainbow has some ideas. - Should allow multiple encryption libraries to be plugged in. - Export restrictions can be worked around. - No Key Escrow. FEE - FEE, via an extension to the standard Save/Open panels. (weak idea) - FEE as a standalone product.. bad idea..we dont need another format - Should be FEE cross licenced to PGP. (PGP part of OS!) - Part of a larger library. Other - Apple should setup a public PGP keyserver for employees. - Standalone SSL is dumb idea. its already part of browsers. would have been a good OT plug-in. -